It all started when my husband and I bought my dream farm. 

I was elated to have found the perfect retirement home for my 25 year old retired gelding whom I had owned for the past 18 years. He would have lush fields, a barn with several stalls, and a tranquil setting to spend his retirement days in leisure.

The only missing element  a pal to share his paddock. But finding his ideal companion proved more difficult than expected. When I finally found a retired horse seeking a home, it soon became evident that it was not a suitable match. When companion #2 proved similarly incompatible, the idea for Stable Select was born.

Just as online dating sites have revolutionized matchmaking for humans, an online platform to connect equines to farms ensures that the ideal match is made in the most efficient manner possible. With the ability to search based on a comprehensive set of criteria, your horse can find an idyllic home, whether that be a state-of-the-art boarding and training facility or a backyard retirement barn. Or, if you’re a farm looking for a boarder or companion horse, you can find the right equine to perfectly meet your needs.