Episode #1: Colic

The Barn Yarn Podcast



barn-yarn-colic What’s changed with regard to horse health care when it comes to colic in horses?

barn-yarn-colic Are there new medications or procedures that your vet will be able to administer on the farm?

barn-yarn-colic Does diagnostic equipment enable us to better assess the severity and type of colic on the farm?

barn-yarn-colic Will your vet be able to determine what caused your horse’s colic?

barn-yarn-colic What are the contributing factors to whether the outcome will be positive or negative and whether or not it will lead to surgery?

barn-yarn-colic What are the benefits of sending a horse to a veterinary hospital for a colic?

barn-yarn-colic Has colic surgery itself changed over the past couple decades?

barn-yarn-colic Have colic outcomes improved over the years?

barn-yarn-colic What about aftercare following a colic episode? How can we recalibrate a horse’s intestinal health after a colic?

barn-yarn-colic What other options can we turn to in order to regenerate gastrointestinal flora besides probiotics?

All these questions – and more – will be answered in this episode of The Barn Yarn, with guest Dr. Erin Trawick-Smith. And be prepared to laugh while learning along the way!