Tips for Setting Up Your Stable Select Profile & Managing Messages and Contracts

The Edit Profile page is your all-in-one membership portal. Here, you can change your profile display features, message other members, virtually exchange documents, e-sign boarding contracts and access all your collected documents. 


Edit Profile

Click the green Edit Profile button. You will then be on the Edit Profile page. On the left-hand side, you will see 4 links: About; Profile Photo; Photos; Contracts. You can click between these links to set up your full profile.



Fill out all the fields to create a vivid depiction of your farm or horse. Some additional tips:

  • For the Profile Title, pick a short, catchy description that best represents you (for example, “Full-service stable with excellent turnout!” or “Sweet, gentle companion horse”)
  • For Address, once you start typing the address, be sure to click on the correct location from the list of suggested addresses that populate in the dropdown, rather than manually typing in the complete address. Make sure that the City, State and Zip code fields are also populated once you click on the correct address.
  • If you would like a Google map of your location displayed on your profile for other members to see, select “Yes” for Show Address
  • If you would not like to display your profile, you can select “No” for Show Profile. This will still allow you to search for other member profiles without showing your own.
  • Make your profile come alive with a great summary of your farm or horse, with plenty of descriptive details in the Detailed Description box.
  • Click on Save Profile.

Profile Photo

  • The photo you choose to serve as your main Profile Photo will be best displayed if the image dimensions are 1280 x 600.
  • To change the size of the photo you’d like to use, try Microsoft Paint. Open Paint, Click File, then Open to select the photo. On the Home tab, click on Resize.
  • Click on Pixels, and in the Horizontal field, input the number 1280. Make sure the Maintain aspect ratio box is checked. Note what number is shown for the Vertical field.
  • Click OK. If the number is much larger than 600, you can choose to crop some of the photo where applicable (for example, remove some of the sky or grass in the foreground).
  • To do this, click on Select and then click at the corner of your photo and drag over the image to create a box that crops out the portion you’d like to remove.
  • Next, click Crop. Click on File and then Save As. Make sure to save your photo as a JPEG picture.
  • Another great option for photo editing is through the website Canva: 
  • Next, return to Stable Select and the Profile Photo tab. Click on Choose File and upload your edited image. Then click the green Save Photo button.

Photos / Videos

  • Click on Upload and select an additional photo that you would like to display. If the photo displays in your profile rotated by 45 degrees, try cropping the top or bottom of the photo so it is more consistent with a landscape configuration rather than portrait configuration. 
  • Note: if you have a Basic membership, you will be limited to 1 photo. With the Elite membership, you can upload up to 12 photos, as well as a short video! To upgrade your membership to Elite, click on Manage Subscriptions now.
  • To add a video, you can choose to upload a file as long as the size is under 100 MB and the file format is mp4. You can use a free file converter if your video isn't an mp4: 
  • If the file size is larger than 100 MB, you can embed the video by posting the video on a site such as Wistia: You can then copy and paste the embed code into the Embed Video field in the Photos / Videos tab of Edit Profile. 



Quick Access Available through My Account / Contracts

  • With the Elite membership, you will be able to send documents to another Stable Select member to virtually sign quickly and easily all within the Stable Select site. If you wish to send a document to another member to sign, follow the instructions at the top of the "Contracts" page.  To upgrade your membership to Elite, click on Manage Subscriptions now.  
  • If you have a Basic membership, you will still be able to receive and virtually sign documents from another member. If you have received a document to sign, you will see it displayed under Contracts to Sign. Click on View and the document will open in a new tab. 
  • Click on the yellow “Start” tab on the left-hand side and click on the yellow “Sign Here” box to sign. Continue to click on the yellow “Next” tab on the left-hand side until all the signing fields have been completed. Once you sign the last signature box, the signing process will have been completed and the document will be sent back to the member who originated the document.


Quick Access Available through My Account / Message Inbox

  • To contact another member, click on the green Contact button on the member’s profile. A Contact form will pop up. Your Profile Title will automatically populate, but you can change this if you’d prefer to use your name. Once you’ve prepared your message and checked the “I’m not a robot” box, click on the green Send Message button. An email notification from[email protected] will be sent to the member you’ve contacted.

  • If you’ve received a message notification from[email protected], click on the REPLY button which will prompt you to log Once logged in, click on the Create / Edit Profile button, and once on your member profile, click on the Edit Profile button. On the left-hand column, click on the Messages tab. This is your Message Inbox, where you will be able to view all the member messages in which you are a participant. To read the message that has been sent to you from another member, click the link to the message title under “Subject.” If you’d like to reply to the message, click the Reply link under “Action.” You can delete any messages by clicking on the box next to the message and then clicking the “Delete” button.